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i want them!


i want them!

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3/5 beauty talk from a celebrity! - Krysten Ritter.

 ”I came out of the womb with these bangs. I see pictures of myself as a kid and I had little tiny bangs and long black hair” 

" I swear byKerastase’s Oléo-Relax, I put it in a knot in the back with a rubber band and wrap it around. Then you just blow out your bangs nicely and that’s all you need.”

 ”I love DiorShow Mascara and Tarte Lipsurgence," she says. "I’m always into lashes and lips and pretty much nothing else. If you have lashes and lips, you can leave the house feeling confident."

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10 Beauty Products every girl must have:

1. Blush

Blush can make a lady look defined and sophisticated but it can also make a lady look sweet and flirty. It’s a must have! 

2. Concealer

We all have imperfections, we all need to conceal!

3. Eye cream

Wrinkles are inevitable at some stage so all of us need to take preventative procedure now!

4. Red lipstick

Whether or not you think you can pull off a red lip, it’s good to have a red lipstick sitting in your drawer. Here’s why:

1) It’s boardroom- and bar-appropriate

2) wearing it makes you ooze confidence

3) a racy red pout ups the ante for any outfit.

5. BB cream or a tinted moisturizer!

Sometimes you just don’t want to layer foundation and what not. BB cream or a tinted moisturizer will allow you lessen the layers! And, you can even make it yourself at home!

6. Mascara

Must we explain this? Luscious lashes, yes!

7. Dry Shampoo

When you’re running late or in a hurry but your hair looks downright unbearable, dry shampoo will be your hero!

8. Deep conditioner

Even if you have the silkiest and most healthy hair, everyone could use a little pampering and TLC once in a while.

9. Face wipes

We’ve heard it and we know it-sleeping in your make up is bad! But what if we’re tired and lazy? well there you go!

10. Sunscreen

Skin cancer can happen to anyone! Wrinkles…blemishes…let’s not continue! Make sure you have a bottle of sunscreen on your table ready for any sunny occasion! 

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Our favourite Elizabeth Olsen looks and why!

1. We love this look because of how radiant her skin and hair looks! The focus is really put onto her glowing skin with a subtle smoky eye! Also, red really compliments her blonde hair and fair skin-it’s important to choose colours which flatter your skin and Elizabeth sure knows that!

2.We love this look for summer and you guys can probably guess why! Look at those sleek simple waves! They are perfect for a summer flirty date, and you can totally play up that look with some peach blush and glossy lips!

3. She really does know how to work that bun! her sisters taught her well! We are loving how she added sophistication to her polished bun with a dark berry lip, well done Elizabeth! You look great!

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Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes, $8Great for the gym! 

Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Towelettes, $8

Great for the gym! 

Summer hats for different skin tones!

Blondes/Light hair:

Peaches, Light pinks, pastels, straw nudes.


Taupes, Orange, Violent, Red.

Redheads/Ginger-Orange hair:

Most neutral shades, Camel shades, yellow toned tans.

Latinas/Tan or Dark skin:

All bright colours, taupes, oranges.

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VS black monokini.

VS black monokini.

Celeb fave frangrances!

Dianna Agron- Hanae Mori Magic Moon

Amanda Seyfried- Bvlgari Green Tea

Blake Lively-Burberry The Beat.

Emma Stone-Chanel Gardénia perfume

Emma Watson-Lancome’s Tresor Midnight Rose (She helped create it!)

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multi-grain wrap with fat free refried beans, guacamole, chipotle salsa, sriracha, spinach, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes, and sliced strawberries


multi-grain wrap with fat free refried beans, guacamole, chipotle salsa, sriracha, spinach, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes, and sliced strawberries

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Anonymous said: i have long lashes and im wondering what would be a good drugstore mascara for volume? nothing clumpy or too dramatic. kind of an everyday mascara that wives me curls and holds the curl. ive been thinking about purchasing the mega plush mascara from maybelline

Maybelline’s The Falsies Flared would be a good one! It gives an amazing wide-eyed/volumized effect which isn’t too dramatic for everyday wear. Very smudge and waterproof, always a plus! :) Mega Plush is more natural and defining as opposed to giving volume. Hope this helped you out!

- Karishma and JJ xx